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I had the priviledge of spending over 40 years in the Label, Printing and Packaging Industries, more than half of which was spent in Technical Support or Technical Sales roles. My focus then and now, has always been to serve, rather than to sell, becoming a partner in the success of my Clients, rather than just a Sales Representative or Technical Support. Solving a problem, or a need, was always the most satisfying outcome of either role.

This philosophy has served me well in building solid relationships and friendships, many of which are still strong well after those 40+ years. I'll give an example that happened 30+ years ago. After breaking our necks to resolve a problem we had caused, within 24 hours, I called my Client to apologize and take my lumps. I'll never forget his response: "Russ, I never remember the problems, only the solutions." 

It is often difficult for Organizations to find, on their own, who the next talented individual that enhances their team will be. Those talented individuals can't always see where the next opportunity to advance, or continue, their career will come from. My goal is to provide a bridge, bringing the two together. As always, finding the perfect fit between my Client and their Talent needs, is the most satisfying outcome.  

I am grateful for any opportunity to serve that need.

W Russel Woods



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